The anniversary of going to the Maidan was quiet

             The anniversary of going to the Maidan was quiet

On the evening of the first of December, several hundred activists, including direct participants in the events of three years ago, took to the Independence Square to remind the authorities that the Ukrainian people are able to unite and achieve their goals. The event was organized by the OUN, the Right Sector, the Black Committee, the White Hammer and others, whose leaders thanked those who came and said that it was not worth it to emphasize that there were very few people, because an active position always occupies a minority; however, in 2013, the same minority raised the country to fight.

As mentioned earlier, after the gathering in the Maidan, a column of activists went to Bankova, but the promised grader, who became a symbol of the actions of the first of December, was not: according to the organizers, everyone who promised to provide the equipment, at the last moment, though it did not stop. people.

The action ended quietly and without clashes with law enforcement. At Bankova, which was blocked by National Guard forces, activists were awaited by a representative of the Presidential Administration who listened and received documentary requests. The main ones are the release of rapidly growing political prisoners and the speeding up of the investigation into the brutal crackdown of students on the night of November 29 to 30, 2013.

As militiamen reported - serious violations were not revealed, so we managed without delay. The ambulance doctors, who were on duty at several of the brigades at the rally, also noted that the rally was calm and there were no calls to them.

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