Day of Ukrainian Defense Industry in Brussels

             Day of Ukrainian Defense Industry in Brussels

The demonstration to the Allies of the newest armament of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex was held on November 30 this year for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian defense.

The booths exhibited in Brussels at NATO Headquarters displayed mock-ups of Ukrainian-made products. There was a day of our country's defense industry.

Such a step in NATO-Ukraine relations confirms the expressed interest of NATO member countries. As said by the head of Ukroboronprom R. Romanov, Ukraine today presents products of domestic production - the latest equipment and weapons that will allow the Allies to abandon the products of Russian production.

We offer the modern world high-precision artillery that is developed and integrated into the armed forces, traditional and unconventional unmanned systems, armored vehicles and high-frequency artillery, ground-based multifunctional Phantom systems. Today the world saw it.

The purpose of the presentation is to integrate our country into the security system of the Allies, to combine our experience with the experience and potential of the companies of the event.

The defense industry of our country restored the defense capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provided them with equipment and weapons, completely abandoned the Russian components and switched completely to domestic production.

Opening the Day of Ukrainian Defense Production,. About the Head of Ukrainian Mission to the North Atlantic Alliance, Yegor Bozhok said that Russia's aggression had changed the security system of Ukraine and the rules of the game. The country does not accept cooperation with the aggressor enterprises.

NATO spokesman Ernst Gerold said NATO countries will continue to support Ukraine both through the NATO system and at the level of bilateral relations, improving coordination. It is time to bring the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian democratic institutions in line with NATO standards.

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