Sumy schools quarantined

             Sumy schools quarantined

Sumy schools are quarantined due to the spread of influenza and SARS in the city. In total, about 22 percent of urban school students currently have these diseases. Pre-quarantine will continue until December 10.

According to the City Council and the Commission on Technogenic-Environmental Safety and Emergency Sumy, the city has a dangerous situation due to the spread of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. In particular, more than 22 percent of city school students are infected with the flu or SARS. For this reason, the commission has decided to close all quarantine schools in the city, which will continue until December 10.

According to a specialist service, quarantine can continue if the disease situation does not improve within a week.

As is known, Sumy is not the first city where the incidence among schoolchildren almost reaches the epidemic level: in Chernivtsi, for the same reason, schools were closed for quarantine even earlier. There the epidporis was recognized as exceeded at the end of November.

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