The hardship leaves Ukrainians without electricity

             The hardship leaves Ukrainians without electricity

A number of rural towns in Ukraine remained without electricity. The reason was a bad weather that disrupted 44 settlements. The victims of the weather were mainly the Lviv region, where repair works are currently underway.

Unfavorable weather conditions on Saturday, December 3, caused 44 settlements in the western regions of Ukraine to become depopulated. The worst affected by the bad weather was the Lviv region - 43 settlements in six different districts remained without electricity. In addition, the victim of the weather was one settlement in the Cherkasy region.

To remedy the situation in the problem areas immediately sent a team of power companies equipped with special equipment. In the areas most affected are the regional headquarters, which have the task of eliminating the effects of the weather.
According to forecasters, the threat of such accidents is still present, as in the coming days the forecast for most of the territory of Ukraine is expected to be frosty and snowy weather, as well as ice.

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