NABU and GPU conducted searches in the investigation of crimes against the Maidan

             NABU and GPU conducted searches in the investigation of crimes against the Maidan

Due to the cooperation of detectives, officers of the Special Operations Division of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and investigators of the Special Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, firearms, a large number of ammunition, computer equipment and documents were seized.
More than a dozen searches in the country's regions were conducted as part of criminal investigations into allegations of unlawful interference with gatherings, rallies, marches and demonstrations, abuse of power, and official participation in criminal proceedings by senior government officials and law enforcement agencies causing bodily harm of varying severity, as well as the facts of probable unlawful additional material incentives by the Ministry of Internal Affairs countries of the criminal intentions of law enforcement officials involved in the protection of public order during a protest rally from December 2013 to February 2014.

Investigative actions were carried out at the place of work and residence of the suspected ex-deputy chief of the Department of Public Security - the chief of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, as well as other persons who may be involved in committing these offenses.

The pre-trial investigation is conducted by the GPU's Department of Special Investigation.

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