The activists marched to the Interior Ministry with a torchlight

             The activists marched to the Interior Ministry with a torchlight

On Tuesday, November 29, activists, including the Orange Revolution Coalition, held a rally in central Kiev, a feature that was supported at the same time by the Ukrainian diaspora in London, which had a video link.

The event was timed to mark the third anniversary of the crackdown on students from the ceiling of the Independence Square, which began the mass rally of the Revolution of Dignity, and, according to the organizers, law enforcement agencies could already be found involved in the brutal beating of youth on November 30, however no Euromaidan case has been brought to court. Therefore, if the government proves to be inactive, it has to be reminded that the people are waiting for the punishment of the guilty.

After the Ukraine-England video conference, two columns moved along the way: in London - to the Embassy of Ukraine, in Kiev - with torches to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Representatives who came to the protesters were asked the main questions that prompted people to march. Among them are why the people involved in the crackdown on the Maidan are being renewed not only in law enforcement agencies but also in their old positions, instead of waiting for the conclusions of the investigation and sentencing in the detention center, and when the results of the investigations will be made public. There were also questions posed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, among whom activists are most interested in the statement about involvement in the crackdown on the Maidan Sergiy Levochkin - people asked to clarify such statements.

In general, the action was peaceful: there were no conflicts with police officers who were present on the Independence Square and led the column. The meeting itself ended with the voice-over and the transfer of questions to which law enforcement officers pledged to provide detailed answers in the near future.

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