Fire at night club of Lviv

             Fire at night club of Lviv

On the night of November 27, a large fire took place in one of the clubs in Lviv. As a result of the fiery show, a stretch ceiling in the room began to develop, which in a moment turned into a horrific fire with crush and human casualties.
The fire started around two in the morning, with more than two hundred visitors in the nightclub. During the next stunt of the fire show master, the flames reached the plastic ceiling, which instantly began to melt and drain down. In a matter of seconds, thick, smokey smoke filled the room, panic erupted. Looking for a way out, people pushed each other, breaking windows with their bare hands.
Rescuers who immediately arrived at the scene of the fire evacuated 250 visitors. At the local hospital, 22 people were hospitalized, two of them in very serious condition. Among the heaviest patients who became victims of the fire were two men. One was diagnosed with burns on 95% of the body surface, the other on 10%.
Now on a place of night fire law enforcement officers work. Experts are carried out on the compliance of this premises with fire regulations. In addition, police officers are on the lookout for an art director who worked for the club on probation and organized parties. According to the club manager, no shows with fire were planned, instead, it was approved to use an LED ball as an illusion of a fire show.
According to preliminary estimates, the losses caused by the fire amount to UAH 3 million. Also, the club management expects massive claims from victims and visitors who lost property during the fire.

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