Curbing anger: The council passed a law against domestic violence

             Curbing anger: The council passed a law against domestic violence

After much discussion and debate, the Verkhovna Rada voted in favor of adopting the bill "On Prevention and Countering Domestic Violence" by 238 votes in favor. Although the project does not come into force immediately because it has been sent for revision, politicians call it a significant step towards improving social life in Ukraine and protecting human rights.

The United States and most European countries have long been active in a variety of government and volunteer programs to protect women and children from domestic violence, at a considerable cost each year. For example, nearly $ 300 million has been spent in the United States over the past year on domestic violence initiatives. However, to say that the situation has improved significantly since the introduction of the programs is difficult, since domestic violence is one of the most controversial areas of social life.

On average, one in ten women are victims of abuse by their husband or boyfriend in psychological, physical or sexual ways, but only seven in one hundred know what to do in a difficult situation; seek help and quite a few. The reasons for this are different, ranging from fear of calling for help, ending with a complaint to their husbands, a desire to keep a father for children or a sole breadwinner. That is why programs to prevent domestic violence provide different options for getting out of the situation: restorative - when carrying out educational work with a domestic aggressor, involving him in seminars and trainings, trying to change the relationship between men and women with the main purpose of saving the family, - and punitive - penalties responsibility up to imprisonment.

There have been various volunteer programs in Ukraine aimed at supporting victims of domestic violence, but, if signed by the President, this would open up the possibility of state aid and full social and legal protection. Talking about a dramatic improvement in the situation is too early, as this area needs to be long and carefully developed, but it already gives hope for change for the better. According to research and surveys of recent years, nearly 70% of women and children have been abused in the family, and if there was still explicit physical violence to seek help, there is still no moral degradation to the rescue.

If Petro Poroshenko adopts a new law, according to the current prescription, in the first case, an appeal to law enforcement officers concerning domestic violence will result in the guilty of sixty hours of correctional labor or arrest for 15 days; for repeated appeals in the current wording of the draft law, a clear algorithm has not yet been reviewed, but imprisonment for grave abuse is envisaged.

In addition, the law also applies to health care workers who seek help. Now, in the case of signs of violence, doctors should contact the National Police, and for the abuse of minors - to the Office for Children.

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