Drone against passenger plane: heavenly confrontation

             Drone against passenger plane: heavenly confrontation

In the sky over London, a passenger liner almost collided with a drone. The aircraft crew managed to avoid a collision. The UK Airprox Board stated that the drone had no right to launch the device at this location at such a height.
Airbus A320 aircraft followed the route at an altitude of 1494 meters and carried 165 passengers on board. The pilot saw a drone from the right window of the cabin. The crew called themselves a black device about 50 cm in height. It was only 20 meters between the plane and the device.
It is assumed that the quadcopter was flying over the right wing and a horizontal stabilizer located in the tail of the aircraft. The "pilot" of the drone was not found.
Earlier in Transcarpathia, border guards detained a man who tried to smuggle cigarettes to Hungary with the help of a similar technical device (drone "8 screws"). Law enforcement agencies found a bag containing about 16 blocks of illegal Marlboro products and another 16 blocks of cigarettes that were affixed to the drone itself.
The border guards detained the offender who was a resident of Chop.

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