Rallies in the capital: an overview of the first day

             Rallies in the capital: an overview of the first day

Yesterday in the center of Kiev announced protests, which the authorities urged residents of the capital not to join. According to the SBU, the rallies are planned and conducted in accordance with Russia's plan to destabilize the political situation in the country, and calls to take to the streets were heard from Russian-funded sources. Due to this, a reinforced law enforcement regime was introduced in the capital: police and metal detectors were inspected at key sites by police, and more than five thousand law enforcement officers and representatives of the National Guard were on duty in central Kyiv.

The main events of the last day unfolded near the building of the National Bank of Ukraine and under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, but the declared tens of thousands of participants did not gather: the police estimated the total number of protesters to six thousand. At the same time, calling the participants of the rally paid not only in power, but also among ordinary people: the overall picture that was created near the administrative buildings, really had a bad look: a large number of persons of unpredictable kind, some of whom frankly said that their participation paid.

The protesters under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine called such a situation a provocation on the part of the authorities to discredit their action, but everything did not look utopian here. Some even said that the rally of defrauded depositors, Chernobyl workers and opponents of tariff increases was no different from the crowds of people in Parliament's normal business day.

However, it is worth noting that ordinary Kievans still went to the rally, but did not join them. According to them, they only look at the general situation and how the authorities react, and the real will of the people will be on November 20 - on the anniversary of the Maidan.

The next stage of the rallies is scheduled for Thursday, November 17. Will additional security measures and enhanced patrols be implemented - not reported; on the first day of the rallies, there were no delays and delays.

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