The Ministry of Defense wants to change the order of recruitment for military service

             The Ministry of Defense wants to change the order of recruitment for military service

The Ministry expressed its desire to amend this procedure. For example, contracts for military service should be concluded for a clear period. This was stated by Victor Mruzhenko, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The information was provided by the press service of the Armed Forces Public Relations Office.
The bill submitted to the Verkhovna Rada states that the plans to cancel contracts before the end of the special state or the notification of demobilization in Ukraine. Instead, all contracts will be signed by future defenders, subject to specific timeframes.
Contracts for a term of 6 months can be signed by mobilized servicemen and conscripts who have served at least eleven months during the special period. The same contract will be able to be concluded by those who, despite being released from military service during the special period, still decided to become one of the military Armed Forces. After 6 months of service, they will have the right to extend the contract by another 6 months or more.
He also noted that contracted servicemen during the special period (except for the mobilization period and the introduction of martial law) will be able to continue in the military under new contracts or terminate it upon expiration of the term. Also, they plan to classify all categories of dismissed servicemen in the 1st line operational reserve.
In addition, lawmakers want to add an 18-month recruiting officer to a special period. A separate bill will provide benefits for mobilized military personnel in the reserve, who will enter into a contract lasting from 1 to 5 years.
These steps will help change unmotivated contractors into conscious defenders of the Motherland.

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