Free, but not very: Ukraine ranks in the Internet Freedom Rating

             Free, but not very: Ukraine ranks in the Internet Freedom Rating

Freedom House, an international human rights organization, annually publishes a free speech rating on the Internet. This time we are down 38 steps, but in general we are considered to be a “partially free” state.

The organization reported that we have more than enough pros and cons. On the one hand, in Ukraine there are no problems with blocking social networks, information resources. On the contrary, the Ukrainian Internet market is growing steadily, but it is suffering from the difficult economic situation, loss of Crimea and war in the country. This is what pulls us back. Freedom House also noted that the physical pressure on commentators on the network had eased considerably, but recalled the resonant murder of journalist Paul Sheremet. Many Ukrainian sites in the Donbas, which is controlled by militants, claim in the organization, suffer from censorship. Moreover, online discussions on social networks continue to be influenced by "guerrilla voices" on both sides, paid Russian comments and self-censorship caused by fear.

By the way, Russia dropped from 62 to 65 in the ranking, retaining the status of a free country.

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