The capital is preparing for the winter, which will come to Ukraine for the weekend

             The capital is preparing for the winter, which will come to Ukraine for the weekend

The weekend will be blown by storms and heavy winds in Ukraine. Almost all over Ukraine except for the South, snowstorms are forecast, sometimes with rain, and strong wind. The Hydrometeorological Center warns of an active cyclone, which will cause bad weather in nine areas at once.
Due to forecasts, the city administration of Kyiv has already decided to block the entrance to the capital of large-scale transport from 7:00 to 13:00 and to carry out increased control on the roads. In addition, the KCSA calls for avoiding the use of private vehicles during snowfall, which will significantly reduce congestion, prompt communal or emergency work. Snow cover in the capital is forecast to reach 27 centimeters.
The deputy chairman of the KSCA Panteleev has already obliged the services of public works of the city to carry out quick cleaning in the territories, and for failure to perform the above-mentioned works he has announced the amount of the fine, which amounts to 1700 hryvnias today.
The State Emergency Management Service of Ukraine urges citizens of the whole country to exercise extreme caution in the streets and driving of vehicles during the expected difficult weather conditions. Rescuers urge drivers to avoid high speeds on the roads, and pedestrians are advised to avoid possible wind-damaged trees and power lines

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