Weeks of Ukrainian cinema take place in Budapest

             Weeks of Ukrainian cinema take place in Budapest

From November 6 to 11, the State Film Agency of Ukraine, the Igor Yankovsky Foundation and NGO Initiative for the Future, with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary, present the international art project "Days of Ukrainian Cinema in Budapest", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Hungary.

The grand opening ceremony of the "Ukrainian Cinema Days in Budapest" was held on November 6 at the central cinema of the Uránia National Film Theater.
The Days of Ukrainian Cinema in Budapest were presented by Igor Yankovsky, founder of the Charitable Foundation and the Initiative for the Future, Head of the State Film Agency Pylyp Ilyenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary Lyubov Nepop, and Taras Tkachenko - director of the film turtles. The Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nishchuk addressed the guests and organizers of the event.

Despite the fact that the organizers have chosen the largest cinema in the Hungarian capital - Uránia National Film Theater - there was a sell-out in the hall. More than 500 viewers came to see the premiere of the best Ukrainian film according to the Odessa Film Festival, so the organizers even had to put extra chairs in the aisles.
Despite the difficult topic that was raised in the film, no audience left the hall, and several hundred grateful listeners were left for the traditional question and answer session of the director and chairman of Derzhkino.

“Today's event proved once again that there is something to be proud of in Ukraine. I am very glad that so many Hungarian audiences have come to the Ukrainian film. This is our goal - to make sure that Ukraine is informed not only by political news about the war, the fight against corruption, etc., but also through the culture, art, achievements of our talented people. That is why we will continue to introduce the world to our country through cultural diplomacy, ”noted the founder of the Charitable Foundation and NGO Initiative for the Future, Igor Yankovsky.

Among the films that the project organizers will be showing to the Hungarian public during the week are Ukrainian films made during the last year: The Nest of the Necklace (directed by Taras Tkachenko); Now I Will Love You (directed by Roman Shirman); My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan (directed by Olena Demyanenko); Ukrainian Sheriffs (directed by Roman Bondarchuk), a documentary presented by Ukraine for the Academy Award at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, as well as the restored film masterpiece Yuri Ilyenko "White Bird with a Black Sign". All the paintings in Hungary will be presented by their directors, who came to Budapest with the support of Igor Jankowski.

“Now Ukrainian cinema is on the rise. And this is also due to the fact that despite difficult economic conditions and war in the East of our country, the state is finding funds to support domestic cinematography. Moreover, next year we plan to expand funding for domestic cinema, which means that we are waiting for a lot of new interesting Ukrainian films, ”- said the Head of the State Committee of Ukraine, Philip Illyenko.

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