The safest Australian attraction was the killer

             The safest Australian attraction was the killer

Dreamworld, Australia's largest and most popular theme park, launched 34 years ago, is now closed due to an unfortunate tragic incident that occurred on the park. As a result of a downhill descent on a special rubberized raft, two Dreamworld visitors took off and died. Two more were trapped under an underwater raft and choked. It is important to add that all the victims were victims of the same attraction of the park - "Thunder River Rapids Ride", which is paradoxically the safest and slowest of all presented in "Dreamworld" dozens of rides and allows to descend from its surface even children from the age of 2- x years.

Interestingly, in April of this year, Thunder River Rapids Ride already had some technical problems with the conveyor belt, making it even closed for technical repairs and further inspection. However, they soon reopened due to a lack of any malfunction. The same situation with the fact that the need for repairing the attraction happened last weekend, but the inspectors who conducted the technical audit again found Thunder River Rapids Ride safe. So the attraction started working.

Dreamworld is currently closed pending an appropriate investigation into the tragedy. The identities of the victims of the park have not yet been identified, but local police believe that two of the dead, a man and a woman, were a married couple and came to Dreamworld with their little daughters.

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