UKRAINE INFORM A new media monster was born in Ukraine

             UKRAINE INFORM A new media monster was born in Ukraine

A new media monster was born in Ukraine, UKRAINE INFORM News Agency, by status news agency but with the equipment of the most up-to-date TV channel, ie with live broadcast for Ukrainian and world TV channels. The trick is that if you were on a broadcast on any TV channel, then the other TV channel will not show these broadcasts as this is copyright infringement, limited to one and all. If you have had a public hearing or telecast in the UKRAINE INFORMATION AGENCY, then any Ukrainian and international TV channel can take this video and broadcast it in full or in part, without restriction in time and time, the idea is brilliant.

It is the information agency Ukrainian People's Television (CNT), working for several years further been established UKRAINE Inform Agency, and it was moved all content CNT, CNT will continue in its own broadcasting, and the UKRAINE INFORM News Agency will become a media platform for state organizations, public organizations, not state organizations of all directions.

It is a very interesting fact that according to UKRAINE INFORM, there is neither political force nor any oligarch. The principle of activity is a media platform where the latest technologies are involved, and in the free access legal entities post their video news, of course after activating their profile by the editorial board of UKRAINE INFORM.

The following registration rules are available on the UKRAINE INFORM site:

«By registering on the video portal« UKRAINE INFORM », REGISTER public organizations, state authorities, local self-government, law enforcement agencies, trade unions, charitable foundations, political parties, mass media, medical and higher education institutions, schools sports, show business and others can place VIDEO NEWS on the video portal "Ukraine Inform", as well as announcements of events, press releases, photos, articles about events and promotions that took place in any corner country.

Thanks to Ukraine Inform, events within our country will instantly attract worldwide attention.

Ukraine Inform news agency grants the right of Ukrainian and world TV channels to broadcast on its own air, live or recorded, both in full and in part, without restriction in repetitions and time, presented on the video portal of Ukraine Inform news agency www. news, event videos, announcements, press conferences, including broadcasts. "

That is, the above-mentioned organizations will upload videos to the portal and TV channels of Ukraine and the world will take this video in “UKRAINE INFORM” and show it in their news. According to our verified information, the agreement with UKRAINE INFORM has signed 390 TV channels as of January 10, 2018, and 2789 information resources of Ukraine and the world have been accredited. It is intriguing that news agreements have been signed with two of China's most powerful media monsters, as well as America's and Europe's most famous media.

From May to September 2017, UNT, based on the UKRAINE INFORM News Agency, contracted with UMMC Director Liu Yuidan , conducted 28 live broadcasts on the Chinese Media Platforms preparation and finals of the Miss Ukraine National Competition ( http: // missukraine. ua / ua / ), there were over 80 million Chinese online.

According to our information, a White House administration representative, two Congressmen, five US senators, and 58 MEPs from different countries decided to conduct the experiment, namely, found an independent news agency, and gave not money but full trust and contacts, contacts and agreements for objective and true news! True news is more expensive than any money.

Interesting telecast on CNT , real billionaire Terry Pritchard is a prominent figure in the financial services industry, an international investment expert, a Channel Equity owner, a manager with more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the financial services sector, chairman of the board and sales manager for London Rebuilding Society, which manages private investment and invests $ 1 billion in Ukraine in 2018

There are also a few inclusions in London from Dr. Ana Cukic-Armstrong is the top global investment manager in 2016, she is over £ 500 million investment, Wikipedia

Robert Hoffman, head of East Group's London office, investment expert in various fields, said he was ready to invest several billion US dollars in the Ukrainian economy.

Investors from around the world who will take part in the UKRAINE INFORM TV Bridges, have a total investment portfolio of more than one trillion US dollars.

According to our information, in UKRAINE INFORM, there will be weekly TV shows on various topics, agrarian, construction, legal, investment, social and political, etc.

Currently, the news agency is in an experimental mode, set up the equipment and the latest software, full-scale launch is scheduled for about August 2018.

The idea is super colossal, under such coverage conditions UKRAINE INFORM will be more than on Inter TV and 1 + 1 combined.

The only sad thing is that in the whole history of Ukraine, no authorities elected by the oligarchs-media tycoons, not the people of Ukraine, made it impossible to work for independent socio-political information structures, their leaders were killed, imprisoned, or prosecuted and held a short rope like a doggy dog.

We will closely follow the events and activities of the UKRAINE INFORM News Agency.

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