The funicular will be closed for repair

             The funicular will be closed for repair

Scheduled overhaul is expected for the Kiev cable car within the next month. In this regard, this type of metropolitan transport will be closed from 17 July to 18 August. Such repairs are traditional and defined by special regulations, so they are carried out annually.

Kyivpastrans officially announced that, starting at 7 am on July 17, the funicular, which starts its movement on Post Square, is temporarily suspended. According to the official plan, the funicular is subject to mandatory inspection and routine repair of major parts and mechanisms.
Kiev warned that one should not worry about such temporary inconvenience, as the testing of mechanisms and units of this mode of transport and its planned repair is held every year, as it is stipulated by special rules for the construction and use of cable cars. According to Kyivpastrans, if the test results are positive, after completion of the repair work, this type of transport will be authorized for operation within the next year.

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