Ukrainians celebrated Willow Week

             Ukrainians celebrated Willow Week

On April 9, the Ukrainians celebrated a great feast - Palm Sunday, marking the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem. The willow itself is endowed with magical power on this day, because they are carried to the church and consecrated. Therefore, people believe in the healing properties of both the kidneys and the branches of the willow, which protect against the affliction of livestock, evil eyes, bad neighbors and other malice. Often people could be seen as branches of willow slightly beaten on the body, saying: "Holy Spirit, through the willow enter the disease-take away. Willow will come, the disease will carry away. Today, we like to say, just like in England: "I'm not tapping, the willow is tapping. Easter is in a week! Be as tall as the willow, as healthy as the water and as rich as the earth. For the week of Easter. Be as tall as a willow, as healthy as water, and rich as earth. " Sanctified branches are placed next to icons in homes as protection against misfortune and disease. It is forbidden for men and women to work on Palm Sunday, so the dishes must be cooked in advance. Moreover, girls were forbidden to comb their hair in ancient times so that their health would not be impaired. Curative willow or not? Everyone will find the answer for themselves.

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