For warriors ATO created icons-amulets

             For warriors ATO created icons-amulets

In the Ternopil region have created icons-amulets, which will send Ukrainian soldiers to the ATO area. 12 artists from different regions of the state worked on the writing of the icons, united by a common goal.

In the Ternopil region there was an All-Ukrainian icon-plein air "Window to the Sky". As part of the event, 12 artists who have gathered in the village of Zarvanytsia and worked for the past two weeks have created icons that should become a backdrop for ATO fighters in eastern Ukraine. Zarvanytsya is known for its cathedral and spiritual center, created on the site of the healing spring, where, according to legend, the Mother of God appeared. That is why this place brings together icon-painters from all over Ukraine.

The biggest icons to get from the Ternopil region to the front will be "George the Winner", "Heavenly Patroness", "Holy Family" and some others. According to the artists and organizers themselves, these creations will protect the warriors and remind them of the most important thing in life. The artists who created the icons with prayers believe in their protective power.

In addition to the amulet icons for ATO warriors, the artists have created a number of works that will further decorate the temple.

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