Russia is aggressively violating the Budapest Memorandum

             Russia is aggressively violating the Budapest Memorandum

The opinion was expressed by US Ambassador to Ukraine Mila Jovanovic. She noted that the United States of America and the United Kingdom fully adhere to the memorandum. Countries respect the integrity of Ukraine and do not invade its territory.

This situation arose in 1994, when Ukraine committed itself to voluntarily destroying nuclear weapons. The main purpose of the treaty is to guarantee the security of the country that resorted to the decision. The memorandum was signed by the US, UK and Russia with Ukraine. Should issues arise in this area, States parties to the treaty should come together and discuss everything. This situation occurred in March 2014, however, representatives of Russia did not appear at the meeting. According to Ms. Jovanovic, this provision reiterates that the Kremlin is in breach of its obligations.

The ambassador stressed that in Ukraine, throughout her independence, a hybrid war with Russia is underway. All this time, says Mila Jovanovic, the Kremlin has been undermining the country's confidence by actively promoting propaganda.

Finally, the US representative assured that in the Congress of her state almost everyone supports the support of Ukraine. The Americans themselves hold the same position.

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