The Pope considers it necessary to fight corruption

             The Pope considers it necessary to fight corruption

The Pope spoke in support of the fight against corruption, which should be an important task for the whole world. According to the Pontiff, overcoming corruption is a prerequisite for protecting human rights.

Addressing the general audience on December 7, Pope Francis noted that the meeting was held on the eve of two major international events initiated by the United Nations - International Anti-Corruption Day and International Human Rights Day (December 9 and December 10, respectively). In this regard, the Pontiff called on the international community to pay more attention to both tasks. According to Francis, corruption and the protection of human rights are the opposite - the positive and negative aspects of modern society, while being closely linked and having a strong connection. As the Pope noted in concluding his speech, the fight against corruption must begin with each person on his or her own conscience and continue in the surveillance of the most at-risk areas of public life.

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