A large Christian necropolis was discovered in Lviv region

             A large Christian necropolis was discovered in Lviv region

For the ninth Christian burial place has been discovered by archaeologists in the Lviv region, but this case may not be the richest one in recent times. Thus, the researchers excavated a cemetery of impressive size, located near Plisnensk, an ancient Russian city in the village of Pidhirtsi, which is even mentioned in the majestic "The Word of the Regiment of Igor".

During the excavation of the necropolis, archaeologists also found human remains, remnants of tools of the time, and a bronze ring. It is worth noting that parts of the majestic find suffered greatly from the agricultural activities of agrarians of the 21st century.

Plisnensk itself is an important cultural and historical find, as it is rightly considered the largest settlement on the territory of Ukraine by the ancient Slavic settlement through which the Varangian path to our state lay.

Researchers are now busy excavating a defensive line that served as part of a fortification structure to protect against enemies. Scientists intend to carefully study its technological concept.

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