One million children in the world have simultaneously prayed for peace in Syria

             One million children in the world have simultaneously prayed for peace in Syria

Helping the Church in Need, a world-renowned foundation that continually assists victims of armed conflict, has for the 11th time initiated a large-scale prayer on the Rosary, attended by millions of children worldwide this year, and the main theme of the ardent childhood of God. was the earliest possible establishment of peace in Syria.

According to Alessandro Monteduro, head of the Italian branch of the aforementioned foundation, the value of any prayer uttered by a person lies in the faith he uses for the benefit of those in greatest need today. And in the context of a barely alive Syria that has been suffering from hostile attacks for quite some time, such children's prayer is sorely needed.

It is important to add that in the first two years of hostilities in the Muslim country, nearly 12,000 children were killed. 11.5 million Syrians were forced to become refugees, and half of those, ie Syrian children, left school due to the destruction and shelling of their homes.

According to the head of the foundation, the future of every person who is not willingly suffering at the hands of the enemy depends not only on the religious but also on the international community. It is worth noting that starting the children's prayer, the representatives of the foundation were guided by the prophetic words of St. Padre Pio, who once said that if one million children pray on the Rosary, the world will be able to change for the better.

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