The list of countries dangerous for the clergy is increasing

             The list of countries dangerous for the clergy is increasing

Only one October day in the heat of Brazil, two priests were killed at once, and this tragic fact, unfortunately, makes the country already the third Latin American in the list of the most dangerous for the people of the Church of the States. The first two lines occupy Mexico and Colombia.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of this year, the religious world has lost as many as 28 Catholic workers - from priests to sisters - and this figure is six times higher than last year.

The killers of one of the priests in Brazil were exposed quickly by police, as the young men confessed to the crime and the local police, when they searched their homes, found personal belongings stolen by the killers from the dead cleric.

Police suspects are suspected of committing the murder of a second religious representative. But the number of possible murderers has narrowed to four, including a 14-year-old child. It is important to add that both priests have repeatedly opposed the drug trade, have helped drug addicts to get rid of the terrible addiction and, according to local journalists, have not been profitable for the gangs.

The latest high rates of violence against the people of the Church in the form of 37 murdered religious persons were recorded in 2009.

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