The Vatican will recognize miracles in a new way

             The Vatican will recognize miracles in a new way

From now on, in order to recognize this or that event as a miracle, the Vatican will set up a special medical commission, whose members will be responsible for making specific decisions. And the above-mentioned miracles, in their turn, will be required in order to call a person blissful or, in the religious language, to initiate human beatification.

Interestingly, to recognize a person as blessed, one must perform at least one miracle. The Congregation for the Saints - another Vatican body that will be involved in the recognition of miracles - has already approved a special piece of legislation regulating the introduction of linguistic and formal amendments to the old Beatification text.
It is important to note that among the religious innovations regarding divine participation in the event, a fundamentally new number of those members of the congregation who recognize the incident as a miracle have been approved. From now on, in order to make a positive decision, two-thirds of the congressional votes are needed, while earlier this level was much lower.
In addition, rejecting an event once, its subsequent divinity check can only pass three times, each requiring a quorum of nine congregations. In addition, compensation to those scientific experts who, by announcing the event as a miracle, cannot explain it with the points of modern science, will now be paid only by bank transfers.

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