Holy relics

             Holy relics

The bodies of God's holy comforters remain imperishable. There is no explanation for this except as the miracles of God. The Lord, by his wisdom and mercy, preserves the bodies of the holy comforters from atonement not so much for themselves, who have already attained the Heavenly Abode, as for us who live on earth, and so in need of the holy righteous's help. The relics of holy comforters radiate the inexpressible miracles of healing.

One is only once reverently attached to the holy relics to get relief from illness or complete healing, especially when done with the blessing of an elder or a spiritual person. Others have to work hard, order prayers at holy relics, make many pilgrimages to holy places.
It all depends on our faith and desire to improve our lives. And if, before we receive the request, we need to work harder than others, then our prayer work must be done by us without grudging, with humility and faith in the help of God and holy comforters.
Often not only the holy relics, but also the small edge of the holy garments, as well as the objects belonging to them, by the grace of God, find wonderful healing properties, since the grace of God, which the righteous have collected during their lives, sanctifies them in the end, even the land of graves which acquires healing power as well as relics.

Divine powers act on people through the relics of the saint, because they themselves become the bearer of Divine Grace. That is why, when we are near the holy relics, we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, that is why there is peace and light joy upon us, that is why the relics of the saints treat both the soul and the body.
If you want to get help from a saint, pray before his icon, touch your lips to a river with holy relics. Only be sure to do so with a deep, sincere belief that they will hear you, help you, that the Lord will not refuse you your request.
Having visited the temple, worshiping the saint and his holy relics, be sure to purchase his icon. Let it be at your home or accompany you on all your roads. And then you can at any time turn to the saint and feel protected and protected by him. And in the end it won't matter anymore whether you speak the language of prayer or your own words with him. The main thing is that your words be honest, sincere, simple, and go from the heart.
Even if there is no icon in front of your eyes, you can just think of the holiday, remember it, and you will definitely feel its presence. You will feel him looking at you with love and care. And most importantly - he sees everything that is happening in your heart and soul, knows all your needs, all your sorrows and anxieties, knows what help you need. And remember that to the man who opened his heart to God, who presented himself sincere and honest before him, neither the Lord himself nor his holy comforters will help.
How to ask for help from the saints? Tell the saints about your needs. Communicate with them as with the living. You will feel them hear you and answer you. Tell the saints about your sorrows as alive. You will feel the flow of love and grace that only Heaven can give us. And with the help of heaven, your life will flow smoothly, smoothly, without bumps and shocks. Only with God's help today is it possible ...

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