Closure of quarantine classes will resume in Zaporizhzhya

             Closure of quarantine classes will resume in Zaporizhzhya

In the Zaporizhzhya Oblast, some classes will be closed for quarantine. This decision was made by the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Administration due to the increased incidence of influenza in schoolchildren of some settlements.

Zaporizhzhya Oblast Administration reported the closure of some classes in quarantine schools. The reason for this decision was a 16 percent increase in influenza children in the region in a week. In total, the quarantine of 11th grade in six schools with the highest number of sick students will be closed in the region.

Two kindergartens in the region and several other groups in preschool institutions will also be quarantined.

Despite the fact that as a whole, the influenza epidemic has almost left Ukraine, in several cities of Zaporizhzhya region, including Berdyansk and Berdyansk districts, the incidence rate is still high. As a whole, in the last week, as the statistics show, the number of flu cases decreased by 9.6 percent on average in Ukraine.

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