Scholarships in a new way

             Scholarships in a new way

Starting from the new 2017, the new rules for awarding and receiving scholarships to students of Ukraine will become relevant. The Ministry of Education and Science has proposed innovations, according to which a new scholarship will be received after the December session, ie in January and in the case of the January session - in February.

Since 2017, the Ministry of Education and Science has decided to stop providing scholarships to all students with average fours per session. It will reach students who hold the highest positions in the consolidated rating that forms a higher education institution.

This data is shared by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science following the meeting on changing the principles of providing scholarships.

Liliya Grinevich, Minister of Education and Science, shared that this approach has been updated. Each institution of higher education must develop its own criteria for students to receive scholarships, which must be agreed upon with the student body of the university.

In the ministry, they decided that 90% of the assessment for the achievements in education influenced the position in the rating, the remaining 10% - own criteria at the discretion of universities. Such a scheme will solve the problem when students have the same scores for academic achievement.

According to the Ministry of Education, the budget has previously allocated UAH 2.97 billion to pay for social scholarships and UAH 2 billion for scholarships for full-time study. The MES wants to transfer 1.7 billion in social scholarships to academic ones. Thus, the budget can cover the increase in scholarships for both social groups and the rest of the students.

The Ministry said that only 50% of students who will be rated will receive scholarships. However, of these, 43% of scholarships will be distributed among students with good grades, the remaining 7% will be for social support.

The scholarships will also increase: up to 1,100 UAH ordinary and raised - 1,600.

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