The Cabinet of Ministers named the priority professions in Ukraine

             The Cabinet of Ministers named the priority professions in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine named the list of 19 professions of national importance. Training in these specialties will take place in vocational schools at the expense of the state budget.
These professions are priorities for the development of the economy of Ukraine, which is why the training of relevant personnel needs state support. The plans include not only the provision of industries with skilled labor, but also substantial support for vocational schools.
Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Grinevich said that the government plans to spend about 170 million hryvnias to finance the training of specialists in these professions. Already in 2017, the funds will be transferred to local budgets in the form of an educational subvention.
So, the list of the most important specialties according to the Cabinet of Ministers: drilling rig driver (construction work); installer of ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatic and aspiration systems; drill for operational and exploratory drilling of oil and gas wells; assistant driller for operational and exploration drilling of oil and gas wells; drill rig driver; pastry maker; machine-tool of woodworking machines; painter; wide-range workbench; turner; miller; adjuster of programmable machines and manipulators; collection of cases of metal vessels; track installer; locksmith for repair of road-building machines and tractors; winegrower; beekeeper; locomotive driver's assistant and locomotive driver's assistant.

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