Teachers of Ukraine will raise their salaries

             Teachers of Ukraine will raise their salaries

Soon the salaries of Ukrainian teachers will grow by about a third. This was promised by the Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, announcing changes in the tariff grid, which are currently being developed and will take place in 2017.

Minister of Education and Science Lilia Grinevich told about changes that will affect school teachers of Ukraine in 2017. According to the minister, the department headed by her plans to raise school teachers on the tariff grid by about two digits, since in this system is now dominated by injustice. In particular, a high school teacher now has 12 grades, and a high school freshman gets a salary of 15 grades. According to the Minister, this situation must be corrected.
It is planned that they will raise about 2 grades of teachers, who are now between 8 and 12 grades, which will eventually increase the teacher's salary by 500-800 hryvnias.
According to the information provided by the relevant ministry, along with the planned increase in the salaries of public sector employees, which will become possible due to the increase in the minimum wage, in 2017, the rates of school teachers will increase by one third.

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