The Finnish education system will become a model for Ukraine

             The Finnish education system will become a model for Ukraine

Ukraine will build a new education system, following Finland's example and taking the country's educational standards as its basis. Lilia Grinevich said this during a meeting of representatives of the ministries of education of both countries.

During the meeting of the Head of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine Lilia Grinevich and her colleagues from Finland, it became known that the reform of the Ukrainian education system will be based on Finnish standards and programs.

Liliya Grinevich noted that Finland is a model for building a new education system. In this connection, the Minister expressed her hope that both countries will soon become partners in a major reform project of the Ukrainian education system. The meeting of the representatives of the line ministries was quite fruitful: the experts from Finland made a presentation of the structure of their ministry and familiarized themselves with the approaches and methods operating in the national education system. During this meeting, they also emphasized the role of forming a school culture, in which not only students and teachers but also parents should participate.

In order to reform secondary education in Ukraine with the assistance of the Finnish side, a project of 4 years duration will be launched, it should focus on the most problematic aspects of this topic, including improvement of teachers' competence, improvement of the educational environment and some others.

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