Running increases the life expectancy of a person

             Running increases the life expectancy of a person

US scientists have found that every hour of running is able to increase a person's life by 7 hours. According to research, on average, regular runs extend the life of a person for 3 years.

Researchers from the US state of Iowa have found, as a result of long-term research, that people, as they regularly do jogging, live longer. In particular, scientists have hypothesized that the constant habit of running leads to an increase in life expectancy by an average of three years. According to data provided by US researchers, each hour of running extends life by 7 hours. Such a result is possible due to the normalization of human blood pressure and weight loss, and these factors are known to most often cause early death. In general, regular, even short-term running leads to a comprehensive recovery of the whole body and, by statistics, on average reduces the risk of premature death by 40 percent.

Reporting such results, scientists note that the positive impact of running is effective even if you exercise once a week, as well as in cases where a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle, consumes alcohol and smokes, or has a chronic illness.

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