Mars will build a real city

             Mars will build a real city

The United Arab Emirates has announced plans to pollute the Red Planet. In the next century on Mars want to build the first city, whose projects have already been announced on official resources.

The government of the United Arab Emirates has announced a new project "Mars-2117", according to which in the next 100 years, scientists of the state will work on the settlement of people on the Red Planet. The result of long-term scientific work should be the construction of the first city on Mars.

The launch of the innovation program has been formally announced by the Prime Minister of Dubai and Prince Abu Dhabi, noting that over the next hundred years, relevant specialists will be preparing for this work. According to government officials, the training program will consist in acquiring the knowledge and necessary scientific skills of future specialists, as well as in the transformation of classical universities into research centers. As explained on the website of the UAE government, one of the tasks that remains to be done will be to develop the desire and incentive to lead in future generations.

Questions about who will become the first inhabitants of Mars and what will help Earthlings to stay on the Red Planet for a long time are not yet answered by UAE officials.

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