Love for work can improve human health

             Love for work can improve human health

Attachment to work can make a person healthier physically, psychologically and emotionally. Recent findings have shown recent volunteer-led research.

Researchers in Denmark have conducted a series of studies that have focused on the relationship between a person's attachment to their work and their physical health. Research involving volunteers has shown that people who love and enjoy their work are more emotionally, psychologically resilient, and physically healthy. In particular, 5,000 volunteers with permanent employment participated in the study. The results showed that participants who love their work and are emotionally attached to it have better health and better sleep, and feel happier. The level of temporary disability in volunteers who love their work was significantly lower in the results obtained.

Due to the information received, the researchers advised employers to take more care of the emotional state of their employees during the working day and to create comfortable working conditions, which will not only save the health of employees, but also reduce the number of redundancies and improve the quality of work.

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