Microsoft has completed its takeover of LinkedIn

             Microsoft has completed its takeover of LinkedIn

The Redmond software giant has officially completed its takeover of LinkedIn's social network, receiving the necessary regulatory approvals. This was reported by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Satya Nadella also explained how the social network would be integrated into Microsoft products. First, LinkedIn's capabilities will be tightly integrated into Outlook and the office suite as a whole. Secondly, the business social network will be able to send notifications directly to the Windows 10 Notification Center, where messages from various applications arrive.

Because LinkedIn is known for its electronic resumes, Microsoft will allow registered LinkedIn users who draft their resumes in Word to update them immediately on their profile. It will also increase job search opportunities.

One of the controversial innovations is the spread of "sponsorship content" of social networking in Microsoft products. Does this mean that users will receive advertising in office applications, time will tell. But, one way or another, it testifies to certain tricks associated with the promotion of advertising content.

Business users will receive an updated LinkedIn Lookup service, which will integrate more closely with applications such as Active Directory and Office 365. This should improve communication between company employees.

Also, Satya Nadella declared that Microsoft together with LinkedIn will begin development of business news service.

From the outset, when it was announced the merger of the two companies, it was clear that the main driver in the agreement between the two companies is user data owned by the social network. Microsoft, in turn, has the tools to build business services using this data.

The current CEO of LinkedIn Jeff will continue to manage the company without axes, in addition, according to analysts, about 10,000 social network employees will join Microsoft.

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