Holidays can be dangerous for the hearts

             Holidays can be dangerous for the hearts

Celebrating the New Year and Christmas can have a negative impact on the health of people with a sick heart. In this regard, doctors warn of the possible dangers and methods of preventing complications for the cores.

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, most people's food is overburdened and chaotic, which is especially dangerous for heart sufferers. Ukrainian nutritionists and cardiologists say that the danger to the heart is especially important for our country. This is a prerequisite for the habit of celebrating New Year and Christmas with lots of heavy fatty, fried and peppered food in combination with alcohol. The result is a strong load not only on the stomach and liver, suffering from pressure, the cardiovascular system, as a consequence - arrhythmia occurs, disruption of the ventricles of the heart, a strong increase in pressure.

According to doctors, it is during the New Year holidays that the number of patients with heart attacks increases significantly. Therefore, citizens who have any disorders of the cardiovascular system are advised to give up too generous tables, choosing a healthier diet for the holidays and providing themselves with sufficient physical activity.

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