In 2017, all Galaxy will ship with Samsung Pay

             In 2017, all Galaxy will ship with Samsung Pay

Starting in 2017, Samsung Pay will be installed on all new Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Other Android smartphones will also be able to use the Korean company’s payment system.

Samsung has been working to improve its payment system since its launch in summer 2015. Back then, the payment system was only available to a small number of devices, and recently the company decided that Samsung Pay was already ready for mass use.

The payment system will be built into the Galaxy model thanks to the fingerprint scanner that is present in the line of these smartphones. The presence of the scanner makes it possible to use Samsung Pay. Use of the system will be possible not only in the flagship Galaxy models. Yes, the director of Don Chin Ko's mobile division said Samsung plans to democratize the technology, meaning even Galaxy J budget models will have a fingerprint scanner.

Owners of the Galaxy S7 have always been able to use Samsung Pay, but this required a special application. From next year, the need for a separate application will disappear.

In addition to NFC, Samsung Pay will use Magnetic Secure Data Transfer, which will in theory allow you to make payments at any credit card terminal.

Also, in early 2017, Samsung plans to release a separate app that will be available for download on Google Play. By installing the app, Android third-party smartphone users will also be able to make online purchases using Samsung Pay. Previously, such an application was blocked in the Apple Store.

Currently, there are several payment systems that work exclusively on certain smartphones. Samsung's intentions to extend its payment system to third-party smartphones may create a more standardized approach in payment systems. But the more people will use contactless payments, the sooner an independent standardized payment system will appear.

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