The most high profile hacker attacks of 2016

             The most high profile hacker attacks of 2016

Hackers do little harm to businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. In 2016, as a result of about 3,000 hacking attacks, more than 2.2 billion non-public documents were published. Almost all of these documents were or are available, of course, for a fee, on the Black Internet.

Small business, which, unlike large corporations, lacks significant resources, is the most vulnerable. Data recovery companies report that hacking attacks cost businesses $ 82 to $ 256,000. for every break. Large companies and government agencies, in addition to ordinary cyber attacks, are being attacked by foreign powers.

So, here's a list of the biggest cybercrime of 2016.

1. Yahoo!

The hacker attack on Yahoo took place in 2014, but became known to the public only this year. The attack was carried out by a group called Pease. The hack broke the information of more than half a billion users.

2. US Democratic Party National Committee

The attack triggered a real scandal as private letters from committee members came to the network, testifying to the bias of committee members in favor of Clinton. The stolen information was leaked to WikiLeaks and led to the dismissal of compromised employees

3. Dropbox

An unknown hacker group has stolen profile data (logins and passwords) of more than 7 million users and sold this data on the Black Internet.

4. International Interbank Information Transfer System (SWIFT)

Finding a gap in SWIFT, hackers stole $ 80 million from the Bangladesh Central Bank.

5. DoS attack on DNS provider Dyn

On November 21, part of the Internet ceased to be a network. The massive DoS attack on Dyn has made the worldwide network inaccessible to major cities such as New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston.

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