New drones design tools have been created

             New drones design tools have been created

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented a new way for ordinary users and commercial companies to get to the sky by designing their own drone models.

The program, developed by a team of researchers at MIT, is a computer system that allows you to develop drones. According to the developers, users will be able to design, perform simulations and produce different variants of drones, changing the size and structure of the device according to the tasks set before the aircraft. The above settings will affect the payload, flight time, and battery life.

The application's interface allows users to design drones with a variety of engines and frame designs, ensuring that the end result can take off and sit down.

The new system eliminates the need for specialized knowledge, a considerable amount of information from drones suppliers, such as load characteristics, electricity consumption, cost and dimensions.

The program can automatically calculate parameters such as frame length and engine tilt to determine if the structure is successful.

In addition, MIT researchers have created a special optimization function that reduces the number of elements of a drone structure, optimizing and correcting some of them, in order to reduce the number of factors that can adversely affect the functioning of the device.

The project is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Horizon 2020 European Union Research Program. The system is currently in the prototype stage, but the developers hope that the program will eventually evolve into an open source project.

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