Scientists have created artificial muscles

             Scientists have created artificial muscles

Scientists from the United States have invented the formula of artificial nylon fiber muscle, a structure similar to real human muscles that can be used for medical purposes.

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts have created artificial nylon filament muscles that, when heated, increase in volume and shrink in length, that is, behave like real human muscles. Such an invention of American scientists is able to bend under the influence of filaments, which are heated on the sides, and in its physical manifestations is very similar to its natural prototype.

So far, artificial coils and pulleys are required to work artificial muscles, so scientists plan to further develop and improve their invention. If that works out, this nylon design can be used in clothing and footwear in the future. Another important area of artificial muscle use that scientists predict is medicine: they can be used in medical devices, including catheters.

The invention of American scientists is no longer the first in this field: Japanese scientists have already attempted to create an artificial skeleton of a person using structures similar to real muscles.

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