Scientists have invented long-lasting pills

             Scientists have invented long-lasting pills

Researchers at American University have invented a new form of pill that will have a long-lasting effect: thanks to a special capsule that will contain the drug, the pill will last up to 2 weeks, which is especially convenient for people who need constant medication.

Specialists at the University of Massachusetts have developed a new capsule-shaped tablet with a stellar structure inside: thanks to these features, after a patient swallows such a pill, he or she will stay in his stomach for two weeks, gradually releasing its contents.

According to scientists, this form of pills is more effective because conventional drugs are very limited, and in addition, quickly getting into the intestines, they are aggressive enzymes, and therefore are ineffective.

According to the researchers, long-acting pills will be especially useful for people who, due to their illness, have to take medication constantly, including for patients with malaria or HIV.

Work is also underway to create long-lasting tablets for various tropical diseases and tuberculosis.

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