Nike Auto Lace Up Running Shoes

             Nike Auto Lace Up Running Shoes

This model of footwear from the sportswear company has long been publicized, but the price tag was found only now. You can buy Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers in the US starting November 28 for $ 720. The blogger Jacques Slade provided evidence of this.

Nike + members can purchase a pair by using the Reserved for you option in the proprietary application.

The next shipment will be available on December 1 at the shelves of two New York department stores. Later, the sneakers will hit other stores of the company.

Three colors will be available for sale.

Each shoe is reportedly equipped with a built-in line of lacing made of fishing line and a special sensor located on the sole. Thanks to special highly intuitive algorithms, the shoe automatically adjusts to the wearer's foot to provide the best feeling and comfort.

In addition, there are two buttons on the side that are designed to manually enhance or weaken the lacing.

The LED backlight is designed to alert the low battery level. Yes, it is here. Otherwise how would the mechanism work? And now the owner will have to recharge his shoes.

By the way, it will have to be done every two weeks. It will take about three hours to fully charge. To do this comes a special charger with a magnet for a more secure connection (such as the Apple Wath).

Finally, we note that the thick nylon laces, which can be seen in previous images and videos on the Internet, are intended only for aesthetic functions. Although they are tight, they play no role in keeping their wearer's feet in the running shoes.

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