Smart women live less than ordinary people

             Smart women live less than ordinary people

According to statistics, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with high IQ live less than their less intellectual peers.

The President of the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Vladimir Anisimov, shared the findings of studying the connection between the intensity of intellectual activity of a person and his age, and the connection of the biological age of a person with belonging to different generations.
Modern humans live longer than their ancestors. For a year, life expectancy for humans as a biological species increases by three months, as evidenced by various studies. According to the scientist, "increasing the life expectancy and aging of the population is one of the main challenges of today." As it turns out, high IQ leads to longevity.
Thus, since the Nobel Prize's existence (and it was founded in 1833), the average age of awardees has been steadily increasing. The average life expectancy of Nobel laureates is higher than that of academics; academics are higher than professors, and so on.
However, in the problem of longevity were gender differences: if for the representatives of the strong half of humanity, high IQ leads to longevity, then the beautiful half of the same factor shortens life!
Longevity of women is hampered by continuous loading. “The extra responsibilities they carry in the family and in science make the weak sex constantly live in stress. And this is one of the most important factors hindering longevity, ”explains Vladimir Anisimov.
Smart women are forced to combine prestigious, high-impact work with home care. Representatives of the weak sex not only arrange family life, but also are responsible for the very atmosphere in the house. And the smarter a woman is, the better she performs these “duties”.
As a result, these ladies have almost no time left for a complete rest, and their body works at the limit of opportunity.
At the same time, reasonable men do not face this problem. They focus only on their interests and hobbies, and therefore have a better chance of recovering after a hard day's work.
Interestingly, the health of men is directly dependent on the intelligence of his life companion. This was found by Swedish scientists, who published the results of a study of one and a half million couples. Unfortunately, scientists did not find any feedback between a reasonable man and his wife's health status.

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