Series can cause memory degradation

             Series can cause memory degradation

Multiple series movies and TV shows damage the nervous system and mental health of the person, first of all - worsen memory and cause insomnia. This was stated by scientists, conducting experiments with the participation of volunteers - fans of serials.

Scientists from the United States and Belgium, after long studies, believe that those who often watch the series, not only become addicted to favorite TV shows, but also add to the problems with the psyche and nervous system.

According to researchers at the University of Michigan and Catholic University of Leuven, the habit of constantly watching TV shows causes memory impairment, slowing reaction, and gradually leads to poor sleep.

The results of these assumptions confirmed the study of the physical and mental health of volunteers of different ages and social status: scientists have found that almost everyone who has a habit of watching TV regularly for a long time suffers from chronic insomnia and memory impairment. In this regard, scientists advised to abandon this habit, replacing the viewing of the series before bedtime evening walk.

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