The arrest of Sergei Zhadan in Belarus was a mistake

             The arrest of Sergei Zhadan in Belarus was a mistake

The arrest of the Ukrainian writer Sergiy Zhadan in Belarus and the ban on entry into the country turned out to be a mistake. This was explained in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, saying that the previously known writer was on the lists of non-grata persons.

It is known that on the night of February 10-11 the famous Ukrainian writer Sergiy Zhadan, who was in the hotel room of Minsk, was arrested by local law enforcement. Zhadan was sent to the pre-trial detention center immediately, preventing him from calling the Ukrainian embassy. Later in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained this event by mistake: in 2015, Serhiy Zhadan was included in the list of non-visiting persons, but later his name left this list.

As a matter of fact, Serhiy Zhadan found out only after crossing the border and returning to Ukraine.

The writer was outraged that his name was associated with terrorist activity: According to Zhadan, he always condemned the phenomenon. However, this event, according to the literary figure and the musician, will not prevent him from further visiting Belarus: in May, Sergei Zhadan is planning his next working trip to this country. As the writer will travel to Belarus with his music group, he will first make sure that none of his musicians has been blacklisted.

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