Concert in memory of Vasily Slipak

             Concert in memory of Vasily Slipak

Organizers of the concert: Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity"

Honored Artist of Ukraine Oksana Petrovskaya

The international prize winner is writer Arthur Balayev

January 27, 2017 at 18.00, at the Dnipropetrovsk Academic Ukrainian Musical and Drama Theater. TG Shevchenko will be hosting a concert dedicated to the memory of Vasily Slipak for the second time.

Vasily Slipak, born December 20, 1974.

Vasily Slipak's life has flown by as the brightest comet: in his 42 years, Vasily Slipak has managed to learn love and glory, live in Paris and dig trenches in the Donbass, become a strong support for parents and a loyal friend for classmates. Despite all the benefits available to him, Basil sacrificed himself in his native country, without pathos, as a son - a hotly beloved mother . He spent his childhood in Lviv. He studied at the school №46 them. Chornovil. From the age of nine until 1994, he sang in the male choir "Dudaryk". It was a unique baby. The makings of intelligence, kindness and his talent were found in Vasily very early. And very early in his vocal talent.

During the Revolution of Dignity, Vasyl participated in actions of the Ukrainian diaspora in France. As a volunteer of the Ukrainian Brotherhood organization, he helped Ukrainian fighters, then met with the DUU PS fighters and joined them. In summer 2015, he fought in the Sands near the Donetsk airport. Returning from the front, he continued his volunteer work, gave charity concerts at the Ukrainian Center in Paris, and helped orphans who lost their parents in the war. In the summer of 2016 again went to the Donbass - took the collected assistance to volunteer defenders. He fought in the 1st separate assault company. On the morning of June 29, 2016, during a hostile attack, Vasily was on the machine gun. A 12.7 mm bullet fired by a sniper from a large caliber rifle cut short the life of the hero.

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