Young Christmas carols congratulated cultural workers on holidays

             Young Christmas carols congratulated cultural workers on holidays

The Ministry of Culture was visited by young carols of the Orel Cultural and Educational Project from the Ivan Gonchar Museum. Little Christmas carols demonstrated the true fairy tale effect of traditional authentic Ukrainian rituals.

The children sang ancient carols, greetings and sowings, wishing everyone well-being, peace and harmony, as well as treated to a real home-made box - a traditional New Year's and Christmas table.

The youngest participants were only four years old and the oldest seventeen, creating a harmonious and unique holiday atmosphere.

The Minister of Culture of Ukraine welcomed young congratulators and presented them with sweet presents.

“Christmas is a holiday of unity and love. According to ancient Ukrainian tradition, if Christmas carols came to the house, it was considered a good sign. Christmas carols have called for well-being throughout the year, so I am very grateful that these little carols came to visit us, ”said Yevgeny Nishchuk.
"Such projects that promote the traditions of Ukrainian culture are of great importance for the country and for Ukrainians."

The Orel Cultural and Educational Project at the Ivan Gonchar Museum Center helps children learn ancient Ukrainian customs and songs.
"By immersing themselves in ancient traditions, children develop their ability to communicate, to create, to fantasize, to enjoy, to learn to sing ancient songs and to make their own, to sculpt from clay, to weave, to embroider, to paint Easter eggs, to carol and to bounty, to sing like birds, to jump like hares, to play on nozzles, ocarin, tambourine, dance, play folk games and fun, ”says project organizer and initiator Myroslava Vertyuk.

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