Exhibition "Bykivnia - the territory of memory" opens in Kiev

             Exhibition "Bykivnia - the territory of memory" opens in Kiev

Photo-documentary exhibition "Bykivnia - the territory of memory" opens at the National Museum of History and Architecture "Kyiv Fortress". This is a joint project of the National Historical and Memorial Reserve "Bykivnya Tombs" and the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

Acting Oksana Novikova-Wigran, Director General of the National Museum of Architecture, Kyiv Fortress, emphasized that the opening of the exhibition of the Reserve in the museum has already become a good tradition and emphasized the importance of cooperation between cultural institutions. Although the Kyiv Fortress is thematically linked to another page of Ukrainian history, it was also a place of detention that made the opening of the exhibition symbolic.

Director General of the National Historical and Memorial Reserve "Bykivnyansky Tombs" Bogdan Bilyashivskyi noted that the presented exhibition is the result of long work and considerable archival searches. It is significant that it opened in 2017 - the year of the 80th anniversary of the start of the Great Terror.
“Although the 12 banners could not fit all the subjects related to the Bykivnia tragedy, they chronologically cover the time span from the party decisions of 1937 and the operative orders of the NKVD, the directives implementing the so-called“ national operations ”to the activities of the Preserve. at the present stage, ”- said Bogdan Bilyashivsky.
The exhibition focuses on the course of mass political repression in Kyiv, the peculiarities of the social and psychological atmosphere in the then Ukrainian society, against which the processes of espionage and the search for enemies, the activities of extrajudicial bodies that carried out the repressive function unfolded.
Yaroslav Faizulin, the head of the National Memory Policy Support Department of the National Institute of National Memory, stressed that throughout 1937 - 1938 Ukraine had become a "death territory". The mass graves of victims of Stalin's terror are located in Lviv, Kharkiv, Lutsk, Donetsk, etc.
“Of course, the Bykivnya graves are the largest among them, and the number of executions by the NKVD bodies is determined by historians from 20 to 100 thousand people. At this stage, it is crucial for the public to verify and publicize information on the victims of mass political repression, ”he said.
The participant of the opening of the photo-documentary exhibition, writer and journalist Yuri Rudnitsky told that Bykivnia for him, as well as for many Ukrainian families, is a personal history, the place of the last resting place of a relative of the NKVD shooting.

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