Days of Ukrainian cinema will be held in Brussels

             Days of Ukrainian cinema will be held in Brussels

On January 20, a Ukrainian-themed film festival opens in Brussels every year in the Belgian capital. The event will start with the broadcast of the painting "Earth" by Alexander Dovzhenko in an unusual musical accompaniment.

The press service of Derzhkino of Ukraine announced the holding of the annual festival "Days of Ukrainian Cinema" in Brussels. The beginning of the event, which is scheduled for January 20, is marked by the broadcast of the legendary picture of Alexander Dovzhenko "Earth", which this year will be broadcast accompanied by music performed by the Ukrainian ethno-band "DahaBrahha".

The main concept of this year's "Days of Ukrainian Cinema" is the topic of border research. The program of the festival includes four new tapes of Ukrainian production that have already received recognition and received international awards. Among them are the "Ukrainian Sheriffs" and "Mariupolis", which reveal the theme of national identity and consciousness of people living in the territories of influence of the neighboring state, as well as the "Nest of the Necklace", which shows the history of Ukrainian earnings abroad.

Visitors can attend the film festival at the Brussels Center for the Performing Arts, one of Belgium's largest cultural institutions.

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