Athletes-Santa Causes competed in the Dnieper

             Athletes-Santa Causes competed in the Dnieper

An unusual race took place in the city - the central streets of the city competed in the speed and endurance of Santa Claus. In total, about 100 professional track and field athletes participated in the run.

January 2 became not only a festive but also a sports day for the Dnieper: an athletic race took place in the city, with athletes dressed in Santa Claus as participants. The race started near the Union House, then the athletes moved to Jawornytskyi Avenue and finished the event on the central square of Heroes of the Maidan. There, at the end of the run, Santa Claus staged a dance flashmob.

And in honor of the New Year in the central square of the city, near the main Christmas tree, "Santa" arranged for the residents of the Dnieper a whole sports holiday with relays, competitions and various competitions.

Professional athletes took part in the race - about 100 people. The only woman among the participants of the sporting event was master of sports Elena Karnoza.

On January 2, it was not accidental that they were chosen for sports activities: the city administration had earlier defined this day as a sports day, which means that the area near the Christmas tree should serve as a playground for sports events.

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